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Did you go to school with anyone who became “famous”?


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10 hours ago, Kaitlind said:

In high school, I knew this one guy who was in the Hannah Montana movie but only as a background character. I don't know what he's up to now or if he's had more success but he's the only person I knew who was in a movie.

My great uncle was in a movie, but only as an extra. He wasn’t an actor or aspiring actor though. I think anyone can be a movie extra. He was part of the audience in the scene of a movie.

My best friend says her cousin was in the crowd in Spider-Man when the first one came out, but she made up stuff a lot.. so I don’t know if it’s true lol.

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Kinda. This k*d Gavin is the k*d everyone’s mom won’t shut up about for my graduating class. He was in a professional marching band, played the superbowl halftime on tv, passed the bar exam, beat c*ncer, then become an astronaut for nasa. He’s a really great guy but I wish he’d picked one instead of going for the full life buffet. No one can even get c*ncer anymore without our parents being like “but Gavin was able to do X with c*ncer so stop being lazy!”. I joke about him picking one. I’m glad he is living his best life. It’s the parents in my hometown that are insufferable about it. 

I also changed the diapers of a tik tok star. His real name is Cooper but he goes by a stage name for tiktok and YouTube.  He was an u**y but nice k*d that puberty hit like a truck and now tweeny boppers gush about how se*y he is. But I can’t unsee the uncanny resemblance to a tadpole he used to have. Plus if you baby sit people and wipe their a** they’ll never in a million years become an idol to you.            My whole family is convinced it’s now super easy to make it on YouTube/social media, but I don’t think it’s fair to discount his talent in marketing. Cause that’s much harder than it looks. 

my theory is the longer you live the more likely it is someone you know gets famous for something. Lol

Here is Gavin btw 


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7 minutes ago, ZombiesAteCharley said:

Oh god. We have this show over here called Geordie Shore, like a reality TV thing about people from a certain part of the North East UK. A girl who was a couple a years below me was on that and got quite famous, she then got her own TV show. She's basically famous for getting d runk and p issing herself, it's...very odd. 😅

I think a girl I went to school with with on a reality show, but it was only one episode.. so idk if I could say she was famous. I guess in a way she got her 15 minutes of fame though.

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