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Playing both sides of the fence


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Have you ever caught a friend playing both sides of the fence? 

In order for that friend to do this. They have to lie to you or the other person.

That they're openly agreeing with both parties makes me not trust them. This makes them hard to take seriously because that kind of logic does not make sense. Playing both sides of the fence isn't sincere. It looks dishonest. It doesn't build trust. 

For example. Lets say I have a major issue with a mutual friend. Lets say he slept with my girlfriend and she left me for him, which has happened of course. So you hear my story and you agree. This leads me to believe that out of morality and emotional support that you would side with me within reason. Because I would think you wouldn't want to be treated that way either. Then you go to that mutual friend and listen to their story. But then you agree with why he justifies it. But you stay friends with them and don't call them out on it or undo the wrong. Now you're making yourself an accomplice. 

Why not choose side out of morality and putting yourself in my position. What that person does to me can also do to you. 

Do people seriously not think about these things when they play the fence? That the antagonizing party in the wrong obviously v*ictimizes people for self gain?


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