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[Long Post!] A story I wrote when I was stranded in the desert some years back (all I had was water, solar phone charger, and music)


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I was traveling through Jordan in the Middle East (I used to teach English) and I was trying to cross into Israel to see Jerusalem, but it was the Islamic Holiday Ramadan so stuff was closed, and there was unrest at the boarder which made crossing even more difficult. A Taxi dropped me off from Amman, Jordan but I had no way of getting another Taxi and service was spotty. I had to wait 8 hours at a caravan stop staring at the vastness of nothing (I wasn't actually in the main part of the desert, but the outskirts) so I just wrote a story on my phone that has elements of songs I was listening to mixed in with personal philosophy in how I see many aspects of life. This is short story, but long for a forum post so no hard feelings if no one reads, I just like sharing stuff sometimes. Hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving/National Native American Heritage Day   


It was shady, the storm always raging. A plethora of rocks made the path difficult to walk on. She would fall, and her knees always bled; a constant flood of unclear suffering and pain. Ignorance is bliss, but the truth is always better than a lie. She didn't know that beyond the curved mountains, in between her path and it, existed a path of sun, a path that ended in a valley of waterfalls and beauty. She didn't know where her path led, but her ignorance kept inner war at bay. Unhappy, but not m*******e, she walked for what seemed like centuries. Her companion, a one eyed cat with a piercing black eye and a strange scar over his head, seemed to be her faith. He convinced her when everything went wrong she should blame him and hate him, but love him when he does right for her. Oh, of course she liked this cat. He gave her reason to be, and he justified all wrong with a false sense of right. What a sneaky cat, calling him a fox wouldn't be jest.

Sometimes, on the right day, she could almost see the path beyond the mountains. The sneaky cat said that path is a place of evil. Filling her head with lies "I would never place my paws upon that path of filth. Stay, stay with me forever. I will show you the way. Follow my tail, and never look between this path and the mountains again."

As she walked, the path behind her vanished into a cliff, waves of steaming water clashing with a volcano’s molten edge. "If you ever see yourself bored with these mortal paths, find me where the edge meets the sea. I'll take you away."

Looming over her, hunched and brainwashed to the core, a cloud weeps.

The cat fell oddly silent. He told her soon, soon she mustn't obey. His eyes were glaring ahead, expecting something. "ignore it. Ignore what you find."

An illuminating hand reaches from the path, pulling her in close. A bridge cutting through the mountains leads her away from the one eyed cat. He sits there, tail swaying in the wind.

"She'll be back." he mutters with a calm feline confidence

She finds herself on the other side of the mountains. She's lost and confused, panicking. "Where am I!" She demands with a cry. "This is law. I am so easy to understand. It is but your mind that holds you away. Please, heed my words of love. " A voice penetrates the silence. “But who are you!?” the girl exclaims through her squinting eyes and tears. Suddenly appears a bright figure fixated on the path ahead as it peers down at the girl with a warm and comforting gaze “I am the light, I am in all which you know, have known, and will know. I am the then, the now, and the tomorrow. I am The Universe”

The path of sunshine colored her pale skin, her eyes and hair glistened from a refreshing shower. Descending down, so suddenly but so thankfully, love is revealed. Walking, amazed, and dreaming of what must be ahead.

The distant sound of thunder would frighten her as she stared bemused at the mountains in between. He softly holds her hand, and she wouldn't forget the illuminating hand that introduced her to this path, to this impossible love.

He fell beneath himself. Becoming mysterious to her mind. She stumbles, and in her weakest moment, as though it was perfectly timed, a crease of the mountains reveals a bridge. The cat welcomes her home.

Ignorance no longer exists. The mountains remind her. Her weakness is her strength, as she runs, the cat following. She runs, she falls. Swimming in the mud, dr*wning in the mud, choking on the mud.

"Take me away!!!!!!!!!"
"Oh, but why? Just forget that place. Wouldn't it be easier? I warned you, I told you to ignore it. It happens to you all, to each soul. You will always, always be shown both paths. Some, like you, born here. Others, born there. Fools never go there and stay! Fools return to me, tricked and tortured by that false Paradise ! Come! Come! Come see! I always bring the fools home."

Souls around her silently floating along the path, surfacing from the river below her. She pleads for them to escape. They only stare, she no longer feels at home with them. Hypnotized by the cat, unthoughtful and unwilling to see the path between the mountains. The cat has become stronger these days. The path between the mountains is too often ignored.

"How could anyone born on the other side stray here and stay? How? How could I ever return to this h**l? Why?"
"Because I am Temptation. And you are weak to me"

She knows the cat too well. Her hatred reformed, her pain fragile. She turns her back on the path, looking back at the fog she meets the sea. The cat smiles "you're ready? Allow me to push you over the edge. My sweet dear, it would be my absolute pleasure." A flick of his paw as she begins to fall beyond the waves.

In a second of doubt her hand reaches and clenches the cliff's edge. She returns and the cat laughs maniacally.

Walking a head, the cat's black eye glistening behind her, she prays a new path of ease will come. But she was only given one, and there is no going back to it. She prays, and the cat laughs.

She abruptly begins to run, "I will not have this!!" Painstakingly she climbs the mountains, climbing to find the path beyond them. The cat appears behind her - " come home any time you'd like, my friend."

Clawing up the mountains, until she reaches the highest peak. She sees it, that path of light, the sunshine and refreshing rain, the crystal clear oceans, the illuminating hand of peace, and the face of the one she found true love within.

She reaches the edge of a molten trench she had once crossed alongside the cat “but there was a bridge before? Now it is gone?”. Time seems to stand still as she realizes there is no running to this path, it is not a candy you pick and choose as you please.

As she stands in the in between, she ponders a decision. Hundreds of easy paths back to the side of the cat are revealed to her. To return?

To return, to go back to that place. It would be so easy. Hypnotize me, make me forget that Paradise. No! It's time I realize my own darkness.

Misery. True misery lies within the in between. Behind her is sadness, ahead of her is unconditional love. Tortured by the hundreds of paths of temptation, detesting the trench blocking the way. She walks in between, her pain the only thing keeping her from meeting the trenches edge. She prays, and remains in the in between, anguish being the realest emotion, the only thing she trusts.

Don't give up. Ahead lies a second bridge to cross. It can all be forgiven, it can all be forgotten. Just don't give in to temptation. Don't meet the edge. Embrace the pain, and never forget where you're aiming to be.

I'm hoping, I'm praying
Each and every day
That I do not remain
Within the in between
I pray I do not find myself
Lost within temptation
I need to face the sins
I have committed
Hope to be forgive
Hope to return to my rightful place


A cat bathes in the sun rising over the mountains. A boy with sad lonely eyes holds his guitar to his side, his gaze fixed curiously at the mountain's peak. “Tell me Mr Cat. What is your real name?” The cat paws at its single dark eye “I have many names.”. The boy peers deeply at the cat “well, what name does one call you most often?”



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