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Something I Don't Understand About REALLY Rich People...


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There are A LOT of people who make no sense to me (in the financial world) like Warren Buffett for example.

A lot of people when they make MILLIONS OF DOLLARS or even more, they don't really use a good chunk of it, and even worse, they use that money to just try and make more money... and I'm like... WHY?

Money HAS NO VALUE unless you spend it. LITERALLY NONE.

Let's say you are a multi-billionaire your whole life, and by the time you d*e, you only spent maybe 1% of the total money you made... 1% of 4,000,000,000 is 40,000,000

So in your life, you REALLY only used 40 million dollars when you wealth was 100x that - and now you ask the question, HOW MUCH OF YOUR LIFE DID YOU WASTE TRYING TO EARN THE OTHER 99% OF YOUR INCOME THAT YOU NEVER USED???

What I'm saying is, TIME is said to be the most valuable asset by both poor and rich alike, yet the RICH often seem to have no concept of that till it's too late, their greed consumes them, then they're gone. Wasted their life, wasted their most valuable asset.

Long story short: It seems if you want to get the most out of your life, make as much money as you need to retire, then enjoy. Any other way just seems so dumb and purely about ego/greed.

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I think aiming to be so rich that you barely have to work anymore is like aiming to be a really successful musician. Loads of people are constantly going for it, but such a tiny percent of a tiny percent will ever achieve it. 

the sad reality is in a capitalist society, people seems to think pursuing unreasonable wealth is somehow respectable.

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6 hours ago, Dusk said:

My grandparents are filthy rich. Worse, like you said. They spend what they want on themselves, invest in their business, and are stingy on everyone else. Or they make expensive promises that they later back down on.

Sounds like my grandparents on my mom’s side. They’re also rich. And they also are cheap for what they have, they complain about the prices of some things even though they can afford it.

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