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Do you like where you live?


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I like where I live. I live in a small Podunk town in PA now. I used to live in NY. I was never allowed to do anything. My curfew was 7:30 PM when we lived in Queens. Then we lived in the Bronx and I wasn't even allowed to sit at the front stoop. My mother was always afraid we would get ki**ed by a stray bullet. When I got jumped in middle school we moved out of the Bronx and moved Brooklyn. We were all over the place but no place was safe. I moved to PA at 21 and even after being a military wife and moving around I came back here after the separation and divorce. After living in the city parts, I am now in the burbs. The people that live here don't like it, but I love it. It's peaceful, quiet and if I forget to lock my door I know everything will still be OK.

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4 hours ago, Kaitlind said:

Yeah I do, although it's a small town and there's not much to do here. I just grew up here and all my family lives here too so I don't think I would want to move far away by myself and be away from them.

I understand this. I feel like if I moved away I’d be really sad because I wouldn’t know anyone there. Especially if it was really far.

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