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20 hours ago, bones said:

Barely have any. Most are coworkers. 

It's hard to trust people. 

20 hours ago, bones said:

Some are personal and special to me in other states. 

It is easier to connect with people online then it is with people where you live. But the problem there is that you don't ever see them at their absolute worst. So you miss out on seeing their bad side. 

20 hours ago, bones said:

I have close acquaintances. No one close. 

I keep a lot of people at arms length even if they are friendly towards me or wanted to do more with me. I simply say no thanks and keep them where I've had them which is at work or in passing. I don't know if that is shallow because unless that person has my express interest or something that I want, then I'm more willing you could say. But that is very rare of me to do for anyone. 



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