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what is the most obvious scam that you've fallen for?


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when I was looking for a new apartment, a coworker of mine found an apartment on craigslist that seemed almost too good to be true.

he demanded the $2k security deposit upfront due to "covid reasons" even though I hadn't even seen the place yet. I was just eager to get a place right away and $2k as a security deposit is a steal. 

well, turns out, i waited at the so-called property (which happened to be a real place up for rent, just not by this scammer) and he never showed, then sent me a convoluted text claiming to be a cop saying he was speeding to make my appointment and so i should be 'brought in for questioning'. 🤣

I went to the police department right away and 10 people had already reported this same individual.

Oh well, f*** craigslist. And f*** the $2k I lost also? Hahahaha.


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Wow that's so messed up. I'm sorry that happened and you lost that money 😕 

In 2019 I was looking for a studio apartment because I was told they were cheaper and I found one online that said it was $400 a month. After I got the apartment, I had to pay a certain amount every week and I thought I could afford it but eventually lost all my money. It got so bad that I couldn't pay rent and didn't have enough money for food. Thankfully I got to move out but yeah, that seems like a scam to me.

There was another time when I was younger where I lost money due to those scam calls. I can't remember exactly what they were scamming me for. I just remember something about magazines and I think I gave them my card number over the phone like an idiot 😬 I had to cancel my credit card and get a new one.

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