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Kyle Rittenhouse


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2 hours ago, Strawberry said:

It made me understand where conservatives are coming from when they complain about media bias!

Remember when they tried to make it look like that Trump teen guy was bothering Native Americans when really they were the ones who marched up to him and chanted in his face?

They somehow turned him smiling at them into a hateful act.

F**k the media.

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8 hours ago, Strawberry said:

Same. I don’t even own a gun, but I don’t like situations that I deem unfair, which this clearly was, IMO. And I agree, there’s something about Rittenhouse, himself, that strikes a cord, makes you care. I think a lotta people felt that. 

I think it's pretty f'ucked up that a lot of my fellow Americans would side with a dead cho mo who caused all of this. It shows how many people don't have their priorities straight. 

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