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Seven Sermons to the Dead, by Carl Jung.. a nice relaxing listen for the weekend

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Doubt anyone will be interested, but who knows, maybe one of you is into Jung.

This a part of his Red Book. After his break up with Freud, Jung got into a weird state of mind.

He's one of my favorite persons ever, don't just blindly believe everything he said though.

And especially his writings in the Red Book shouldn't be taken literally.

It's weekend, so relax and enjoy... 


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On 11/12/2021 at 9:20 PM, Saphire Cotto said:

I enjoyed this it’s an interesting take on ideologies I’ve heard before. Some of the things he said I really connected with and some of the things he said I took with a grain of salt. 

Yep, the pleroma and Abraxas come from Gnosticism. 

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