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Things That You Like, That Pretty Much No One Else Does...


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3 hours ago, Kaitlind said:

I like raisins too! Especially chocolate covered raisens (raisinets) which I get at the movies every time I go 😋

I like those or the yogurt covered ones. 😂 But as a snack, plain raisins are yummy to me. People are always like "ew" or something about the consistency. 

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I'm not into any weird things these days, but I liked putting A-1 steak sauce in my chicken flavored ramen when I was a k*d. 😆

10 hours ago, Admin said:

I'll start...


Not gonna lie, trying to imagine this flavor combination is breaking my brain. 🤯 Lol!

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On 11/11/2021 at 4:29 AM, ZombiesAteCharley said:

Blue cheese 😍

Olives 😋

UGHH! Ew. I hate both of those things lol. My boyfriend took the pit of the olives out and stuffed them with blue cheese a couple weeks ago and I was ready to vomit. 


My food that I like is spaghetti and meatballs with ranch dressing ontop 🙂 so good, gives it like a sweet but tangy flavor.

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Love me a plate of grilled asparagus ^.^ I also eat BLT’s without bacon and apparently that makes me weird lol Outside of food I like to clean, it’s more the****utic not a chore. Especially others mess like omg pls invite me over on ur worst depression day I’ll have everything back in order for ya 

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