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- If it's family, I have no choice but to hear it whether I want to or not.

- If it's my girlfriend, yes I need to know so we can fix it because it's a relationship. 

- I don't have any friends where I live. I used to have a social circle in my early 20's. A lot of friends moved on you could say.  We either became enemies, we grew apart, quit talking, or they moved to another town, city, or state.

- If it's a co-worker, they can go f'uck themselves. I'm not open to making them feel better. I'm not their friend. I learned the hard way because most people you work with are in it for a paycheck and will throw you under the bus if it means they get your position or a raise. That's fine, I have no problem doing the same to them. 

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I don't think I would mind if someone came up to me and told me what the issue they have with me was. Now if I was the one to confront someone about something, I would have a difficult time doing that unless it was a close family member. I don't like having to confront others in general.

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4 hours ago, summerlusk said:

If someone has a problem with you, would you rather them confront you about it even if it upsets you or keep it to themself?

I'd confront them, but calm  and cool.  If it gets to a point where it gets to a boiling point. I would try and walk away first. 

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