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Bands/artists you knew about before anyone else did


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Are there any bands/artists you knew about before anyone else did or before they made it big? For me, it’s Adele. I knew who she was before anyone else did back in the myspace days (she had a music artist profile) and my friend introduced me to her. I like to brag about that. 😂

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Back in 2009 I think, I went to a concert with my stepsister, sister, and friend and one of the first artists who played was Mod Son. I never heard of him before and we really liked his music so after the concert we started listening to his songs. I feel like he's way more well known now. Also I kind of met him at the concert. I say kind of because my friend at the time was the one who talked to him. I was just there with her as they were talking for a minute lol

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