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Words that you misspell

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Just imagine having to learn German and being dislexic at the same time. h**l.        Well, I make mistakes in every language I learn but never as much as in Spanish. Back in highschool I was really lame at orthography so sometimes I would just forget certain spelling rules such as writting b instead of v. Or y instead of ll". Or forgetting a certain order in the "h" of a word or just using something that does not exist. One time in a Language and literature exam I wrote "Madriz" instead of "Madrid" because it looked a lot like the pronunciation that I used to use for this word. And our teacher just pictured that in front of the class . I felt ashamed but at the same time nobody new I had "learning issues" and there are some mistakes that 8 cannot avoid making.

Luckily in french I learned easier the rules because they made much more sense than in Spanish, also it was fun writing and pronouncing it. Verbs , rules, it looked a lot like how it was pronounced. Also guys!! The difference between American English and British english are really cool. I love the american writing much more because it's intuitive. Things that you can deduce and not just learn them by heart  make life eaaasierrr.

Ummm I can not memorize too much so I simply forget xD unless I remember or I have my self made deduction and conclusions to rethink them and relearn it in case there has been a lot of time without using it. 

Hehehhe for disasters like me, "google translate, and autocorrect your spelling" is a blessing 





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