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I hate my face.

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Anyone else possibly struggle with low self esteem, maybe some body dysmorphia. I feel like it’s getting worse with age. I hate it. I go out and everyone looks so comfortable in their skin and I’m just like 😩


and for the record I am not a petty person like that. I can easily find beauty in everyone else. Just not my own outward appearance. 


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Yes I know exactly how you feel. I have insecurities with my face and body. I think most every woman I see is prettier than me and wish I could look naturally pretty like them. I don't like the way I look and wish I could go out into the world feeling comfortable and not worrying about my appearance, but I'm sure everyone else has their own insecurities we don't know about.

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I feel you very much on this. Sometimes dressing the way you’ve a

ways wanted to helps. That whole change what you can control thing. Then at least you look cool as h**l even if you don’t find yourself pretty.


plus everyone has different types look wise. You might not be your type but you’re definitely a stunner to other people. 

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On 9/7/2021 at 1:12 AM, Onision said:

I’d try a different look - maybe new hair dew that better fits if you are unhappy.

I’m not sure a hair cut would make someone who thinks they are freggin u**y af would change much. 

also why don’t I get notifications? 😞 Like, I don’t want to complain because I haven’t contributed money wise to this site yet, but I’ll post and people comment and I would never know if I didn’t go back and look.

21 hours ago, summerlusk said:

I know how you feel. I’m an extremely self-conscious person.. 

I’m sorry 😔 Hugs 

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 It started in middle school when I was bullied for 2 and a half years. I was 13 when I lived with my father and 15 when our relationship ended.

I would look in the mirror & I want to be more aesthetically attractive. Because it appeared that none of the g*rls wanted me. 

The only good thing that came from it was that I learned to deal with rejection.

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