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HELP: Best PC?


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I use a MacBook at home but I find it is far more efficient to use a PC when I am working from home to get my work done. 

I feel my MacBook is far better for personal use and the PC is ideal for work. 

Can someone please, recommend the best PC (laptop computer) I would prefer not a Surface Book, maybe a little more budget friendly… 

Please HELP!

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If you're just doing basic work tasks, there is no reason to spend a lot of money on a laptop.

The laptops I have are generally over $1,000 so I can't recommend hands-on experience in that area.

What I can do however is suggest something based on consistent reviews (hundreds of them)

Image 001.jpg Image 002.jpg

A lot of products don't get consistent ratings "By feature" they dip up and down, however this product seems to be solid across the board.

Link: https://amzn.to/3gXlBY2

They have DIFFERENT prices for different levels of hardware. If you CAN spend more, then it is reasonable to get the more expensive models, if you CANNOT spend more, I'd suggest the cheaper model.

Generally the difference in price often means: Less time waiting around for your computer to load programs/web pages etc.

Anyway, often times, when I don't know what to do, I just go off whoever has the most consistent product reviews.

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Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad, even refurbished.
If you aren't doing anything that honestly would be better on a desktop, I find an i5 processor and 16GB RAM sufficient.
For me it is about the RAM as I multitask.
Some peripherals will help like an external hard drive for more storage and a larger monitor too hook up and use more like a desktop.
Wireless mouse also. You can get a used monitor for cheap and a Western Digital External drive for a fair price too.

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It's funny how expensive you can make your computer, but something a fraction of the price can do pretty much the same things as all that hardware is designed for specific tasks people often never do.

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