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Expectation vs Reality online purchases

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Orders made online I have been pretty happy with except when I buy clothing from out of country brands like shein. I’ll order my side and not realize it’s in china sizing so it’s obviously too small. Example a medium in China is like a xs in US. It’s so cheap tho I don’t even try to return it. I should’ve known better and did my measurements i just end up donating it. 

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Ebay. New or used you don't know what you're getting.

I ordered a DVD that the seller claimed was "like new".

I got it in the mail. Opened the box. Bullsh*it. The case was busted and the DVD was scratched with a cracked center.

I sent it back to them and gave them a bad review with one star. Don't lie to your buyers.

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I’m usually pretty good about choosing things online but I did buy a pair of pants years ago, for a special event that ended up having chewed gum in both of the pockets 😩 I had washed them too before wearing them and the girl listed them as fairly new 🤨 I didn’t realize the gum was there until I put my hands in the sticky melted gum pockets, the heat from the dryer made it worse. It was sick lol worst part was I rated her perfectly not knowing it 🤦🏼‍♀️

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