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I really love the sims. I do a lot of building never really tried to play the game. I did try but afther few day end up building houses again. 

The best sims game is sims 2 for pc or the Urbz for the first xbox

Share here:

-your builds.



-origin account name to be come friends.

-Gallery name from the sims 4 

Just share everything about the sims!


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21 hours ago, Minty said:

I'm actually going to try the 100 baby challenge but this time make it 200 

the sims cat GIF

Would you give us updates about it? I'm curious how thats is going


my 17 hours sims house from few years ago still in love with it!!! 



just want to show my work! 



If I find more I will show it!






Love this little room where my sim is in! ❤️

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Posted (edited)
5 minutes ago, Minty said:

Wow your really creative and I like all of them, I’m  surprise because I couldn’t get much done 

Jaw Drop Wow GIF by MOODMAN


This is alot of work but i do research watch James tuner his videos. If you like i can always teach you things how to make it or what you want. 

This isn't not even everything yet. 

I was busy in the onision game voice channel on discord with a sims house. If its is ready I will show it on here 2!

Btw not every house is done. 

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12 hours ago, Onision said:

Ah crap, now I wanna build an amazing Sims house.

Lets play the sims then!

(just woke up) 


Oh Lol I forgot about this shell challenge. It is not even finished. I was live a year ago with sims 4 but damn 2 hours house is not even so big. 

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15 hours ago, Onision said:

What is the shell challenge?

A shell challenge is:

download a shell from galery. Like this one


You cant touch outside walls or add walls at the out side. You have to do with what you have 

You can put walls in the inside. Most of the time its emty like here


You can do everything with it, in the inside add walls use a stair.

At rhe Oudside walls you can add windows doors decoration. But you cant make the house bigger or smaller. 

I'm not really good in explaining so you can also just read this 


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2 hours ago, alex said:

Check out some of my cool Sims 4 content in my gallery @RouxZer0 on Origin. Highlight is when I built my rl Uncle’s house pretty accurately without mods


Oh I love it! 😍 Gonna add you when I'm on my pc

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2 hours ago, alex said:

Got it! I’ll do that when I’m on my PC too 😂 I’ll share how it goes here. I’m a decent decorator too.
I rarely get to actual gameplay or Live mode though. I’m always creating characters, but rarely actually “playing”  them. It’s the Building for me! 🤓👌🏼

Yeaah me 2!! Show your work I'm interested 😄

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