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Join this club by posting below! Why do you love anime? How much anime do you watch? What is the best/worst anime you've seen recently?

I love anime because it makes me feel a lot more than a lot of other show styles...

I watch like... maybe a season of anime every two months or less.

The best anime I've seen lately is One Punch Man.

The worst was an anime about a guy who retired from the mafia and is now a house husband... silly.

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• I love anime because it got me though the  rough times back in middle school and also it makes me smile depending on which show I watch.

• if it’s a really good anime and I’m really into I’ll try to finish all the seasons in 3 weeks or in a month but if it’s ok then I’ll try to watch 3 episodes within a week. 

• The best anime I seen is dr. Stone and attàck on titans 

• Now the worst is about two twins that fell in love with their step brother and it got stranger the more I kept watching it , I forgot the name of this show 

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I watch too much anime lol my favorite being cowboy bebop, hxh, full metal alchemist brotherhood, goblin slayer, Tokyo ghoul and more. I'm bad at picking favorites lol I think anime is great because first of all I love the art style, and then the stories can be so complex and beautiful but also outlandish and fun. I also like that most anime doesnt sacrifice storytelling to insert social issues like a lot of western media does 

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i haven't watched much anime lately, but i really loved animes when i grew up and as a teenager (90s, 2000s abd early 2010s animes were the ones i binge watched). my favorites are still DragonBall, Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh!. i love how animes teach you about how important friendship and believing in yourself is. 

nowadays i am more into reading mangas and i really enjoy deeper and mature stories, like slice of life or mystery and horror stuff. 

but for the nostalgia i always find myself rewatching older ones.❤️

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  • Elites

I watched anime because it got me through some terrifying times. The first anime I watched was Inuyasha, and I fell in love with it. 

Animes I would recommend watching are:

Demon slayer


****** on titan 

One p*nch Man 

Devilman Crybaby 

Blue Exorcist

Code Geass (this is a little like d**th note)

Highschool DxD

Parasyte: The Maxim

Mirai Nikki / Future Dairy 

Psycho Pass


That's all. Have a blast ❤️❤️

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Well. If we're making lists. Here are mine. Probably not as many as @Lilliako I don't think.

A*ttack On Titan

Ghost in the Shell

Hellsing Ultimate

Elfen Lied

One p*nch Man

Guyver: The Bioboosted Armor



Sword Art Online



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