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cardi b or nicki minaj


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I like Nicki Minaj's songs more

7 minutes ago, Onision said:

I actually know very little of both of them... now if you asked Rob Zombie or Rammstein, maybe.

Demonoid Phenomenon GIF by Rob Zombie

But if you want to learn more about Nicki, here she be: https://www.capitalxtra.com/artists/nicki-minaj/lists/facts/steven-universe-sugilite/

Her name isn't even Nicki... heheh.

I choose Rob Zombie 😃 I haven't listened to much of Rammstein.

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Cardi b but just cause my dad named his cat after her and I think that is cute and hilarious. 

he says it’s because her meows sound like the little sounds cardi makes in her music

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