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Who is Onision?

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17 hours ago, HexesfromTexas said:

I’ve been on YouTube way before a lot of these youngsters(old lady here 🤚), yet I’m just now running into Onision videos. 

To be honest. I've only seen a handful of his videos.

17 hours ago, HexesfromTexas said:

Tell me why you are a fan? 

 I like the guy and I respect him as a person. I think he's great.

17 hours ago, HexesfromTexas said:

Aside from obvious reasons. 

Obvious reasons being what? 


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Love his outspoken nature and ability to think for himself and not just follow others. Leadership qualities and an excellent sense of humor. Also secretly more sensitive than he purports (I suspect) he also likes to have fun and is a knowledgeable person. Love his personality and yes att**ctive too but that’s obvious and not swaying my decision just something to note 😂💘

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