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Name Something Wrong With This Picture...


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You know... you would think car designers would be smart, NOPE, apparently not... look at this photo and list off what you think is wrong with it... I'll start...

Image 006.jpg

1. The front wheels look like they don't turn at all.
2. The entire vehicle has no lift, meaning it would sc**** the ground constantly.
3. The front isn't even remotely aerodynamic, massive energy hog.
4. HOW DO YOU EVEN GET IN? That doesn't look human-compatible.
5. Where are the handles? How do they even work?
6. Why the shape? Is it supposed to haul trailers? If so, what trailer is shaped like that???
7. Why the illuminated wheels? You just wanna waste valuable energy/fuel efficiency.


Anyway, you see anything wrong? Or maybe an example of an even dumber car design?

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Is that a car or some type of truck? Where are the side mirrors? It's just plain u**y lol

45 minutes ago, Ann said:

That vehicle literally looks like a toy lol.

I'm definitely curious about how to get inside it

Talking about u**y cars, I saw this one on twitter lol 


I saw that too lol. Looks like it got stung by a bunch of bees and swelled up 😆

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