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The Insanely Dumb War on Elon Musk


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What do you think of this?


Elon Musk is one of the only people trying to advance our species deep into space and you have random keyboard warriors trying to cut him down.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

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4 minutes ago, Kaitlind said:

Lol what? I wish I could have seen exactly what they said. Was that really it?

They were talking about some really really dumb theories. Not far off from what I said.

They acted like we were not “woke” which is why we don’t believe their theories.

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2 hours ago, summerlusk said:

There are some people that don’t like him just because of his wealth and are bitter/jealous of that. I know a guy that hates everyone that is rich because that’s what he wants to be. 

Mmm... maybe that's my problem... I don't want to be Elon Musk, I want to be me... so... I guess it works out. Haha.

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A statement is not a conspiracy theory if it is backed with factual evidence. Which I had linked.

And I don’t think saying a human being needs to work on issues they have is extreme especially not when not doing so effects the well-being of ch*ldren. 

but since this isn’t my forum I will agree to disagree. And accepted the suspension gracefully. 

I just need to post this clarifying for outside observers  since my post has been censored and while I’m fine with it being considered spam nothing I previously said meets the actual Webster’s definition for conspiracy or extremeism. You’re making it sound like I said Qanon BS, which is so far outside my MO that actually would meet the definition of absurdity. 

the stated goal here is mature discussion is it not? That includes disagreements and uncomfortable facts sometimes. I would appreciate heightened maturity going forward please. 

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