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are you allergic to anything?


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3 minutes ago, Kaitlind said:

The only thing I know I'm allergic to is Wasp stings. There was another time I woke up and my face and tongue were swollen. To this day I have no idea what caused it.


I was mostly curious cause I keep getting stung by mosquitos and they make me swell up like a tomato (It's not deadly just uncomfortable) 😧

allergies are wild, dawg. 


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I'm allergic to a specific degree of coldness.  It'll go away within 10 years according to my allergist. So I have to be aware of how cold the air is, water, certain foods and drinks. 🙄 Random things just happen to me. 😂 but for a few years now I've been doing pretty well with it. Hay, dust, grass, well just pollen. I basically have an all season type of allergy now. It's a curse to love the outside so much. 😕

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I sometimes get allergies (sneezing/runny nose 🤧) during ragweed season, which is starting right about now. I don't always get them every year though, which is weird. That's the only allergy I know of. No food, animal, or medicine allergies that I know of.

I've always wondered if I was a little bit allergic to mosquitoes. If I get bit and don't notice and absent-mindedly scratch it, then the bite will swell up to the size of a quarter instantly, sometimes bigger. But then if I leave it alone completely and don't touch it, then it will go down and go away within a few days. 

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1 hour ago, McFly said:

I always forget until summer rolls around, but I'm allergic to mosquito/insect bites/stings. Curious if anyone else has any allergies ?

haha I know @Onision is allergic to Fortnite, teehee   😅

Omg! I'm not alone any more! Ive never meet any else thats allergic to mosquitos tooooo!!

I get big welts at the bite site, that turn into painful itchy blisters. Ive had 2 trips to the ER for allergic reaction to the point my hands, face swell and covered in hives. no over the counter antihistamines are working. I need a shot of steroids to get it back off. Gotta carry EPI pen just in casey body decides to go nuts and close off my windpipe. 

I hate this time of year!! I never go out after dusk and if I do I spray myself down with OFF but that's never 100% effective!! And I hate the smell! I also start taking Zyrtec just keep the antihistamines flowing just in case. Haven't had a ER trip in over 3 year *knocks on wood* very cautious when going out after dark. 

Sorry friend that you are allergic too! Hopefully not to bad. At least we both now know someone else who had to deal with them evil bugs!! We're not alone! 

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