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What do you guys think about the Military?

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I know Onision has served in the military and I was wondering how other Onision fans felt about the armed forces.  My dad was Navy EOD, he's disabled now.  I was his caretaker until I had to move recently....my feelings about the military are kinda complicated....what are your thoughts?

excited to hear other peoples thoughts!☺️

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To reiterate, I fee the military is good for some people, and not for others. I feel the military has a lot to offer in both character growth and character destruction... it is a mixed bag - a lot of people have great experiences, others, it can be life-ending...

You gotta consider that so many people come from so many places and are thrown in to so many different environments. Their is the military objective/what's idea - and then there's reality, which is different for so many.

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Agreed it's not for everyone. There's a lot the military has to offer, but there's also a lot it takes away.

There's a good amount of independence you can guarantee losing. You basically do give up your life without actually d***g. You can't make certain choices for yourself that you can as a civilian. You have little choice in your job or orders...unless you know some people with a lot of pull. Politics matter big time in the military. But everything is based on the needs of the military at the time, not your own personal needs and wants. Expect a lot of rules and curfews. There is no "after work" in the military. You are in 24/7 for as long as your contract is for. You better conduct yourself accordingly even in the comfort of your own home. Better believe you can still go to Captain's Mast for something dumb you did, or didn't even do but were present for, outside of your duty station.

But on the same token, the military will take care of everything essential for you. There will be no worries about medical care,  food in your belly, or a place to live. That goes for you and your immediate family (spouse & k***s). They will educate you for free in your rate (job) and pay for more education in whatever you want.

It's a lifestyle that you either get used to and accept and I daresay conform to, or if you don't, it will break you and you will have an extremely difficult time while still in. It's definitely not how the movies and TV portray it.

I never wanted to join, but my life choices led me to that being the only viable option at the time. I was dead set on doing my 4 years and getting out. I really struggled that 1st year. I absolutely hated it and I was mìserable. Went to Captain's Mast twice. I was fighting conformation to "the system." I finally just gave in and things started getting a lot better for me. At the end of 4 years, I signed up for another 3. I was pressured into leaving by a former SO that ended up not working out...and now looking back, I wish I never got out. I miss it. Working a civilian job súcks àss. I guess I got used to the structure the military provided. I do believe my experience made me a better person and gave me a better work ethic.

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Probably hippie of me but I’d like it better if it wasn’t the only way for a lot of people to move up in the world. You shouldn’t have to sign away your life and risk d***g just to get basic needs met.  I’ve seen the military make people I hated into really good people, and I’ve seen it tear apart people I loved into monsters. Diamonds form under heat but other things burn. 

idk maybe I’m just salty I got rejected for medical reasons. Sorry if my responses have been downer

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On 8/12/2021 at 6:12 AM, Terminated said:

Back when I was 23 & was married with my first k*d. I had seriously considered joining the National Guard. I ended up not joining. 

Maybe for the best, maybe not… who knows how life would have been.

It’s crazy to think of the possibilities… sometimes we want to rewrite things but who knows if it would be much worse.

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