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Say Something Mean About Chucky


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He looks so weird, can't believe that movie is so old.  Just wondering... who looked at that doll and decided it would be the perfect mother son gift and all of it is - "this is believable"


I prefer Robert England's Freddie Kruger, at least he had some good jokes 😂

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On 8/9/2021 at 1:31 PM, Onision said:

Alright, the object of this topic is to come up with mean things to say about this photo:

Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 10.30.52 AM.jpg

I'll start off.

Dude looks like his mom is also his grandma.

A face only a mother could love. That is, if she wasn't a Succubus that had lain with an Incubus.. He's the things nightmares are made of. He/it is kind of comparable to a damn clown! Creepy little bastard!

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I guess since we're on the subject of insulting Chucky. I'd say he probably hated Damien Baylock the most out of anyone because Damien insulted him and was trying to sleep with his girlfriend. I bet he enjoyed every bit of suffocating him underneath that pillow as Tiffany got wet watching him d*ie. 


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