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Was Your First Kiss A Disaster?


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My first kiss was... weird... cool? I donno... it was with a lady who was 4 years older than me... she was... clearly experienced and I was clueless...

Anyway, was yours a disaster or no? Regret it?

Season 9 Kiss GIF by The Office

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I was a shy, naive teen, never been kissed before. I was on holiday when one of the much older flirty waiters leaned in to say som*thing, and then stuck his tongue in my mouth... Wasn't romantic, or expected lol 

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Mine was really weird 

Them: wouldn’t it be cool if we kissed?

me: haha not here it wouldn’t (on top of rickety stairs) 

them: *goes to kiss*

me: *backs up surprised*

*their lips sideswipe mine as they fall down stairs* 



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2 hours ago, MysticDawn said:

Is it sad I don't really remember my first kiss? 🤔

I remember my "first time" clearly but for the life of me..can't recall my first kiss!

Must've really horrible!! My brain blocked it out! 😂😂

I don't really remember my first kiss either. At least my first "real" one.

I do remember when I was about 5 or 6 that we would go over to my dad's bosses house and have dinner every once in awhile. He had a son that was a couple of years older than me. I was infatuated with this little boy at the time for some reason. I used to follow him around like a puppy dog. I'm sure I probably drove him crazy looking back on it, but he was always kind to me. Our parents thought we were adorable. Anyway, I remember begging him for a kiss and him giving me one little chaste peck on the cheek (probably just to shut me up). Absolutely made my day.

It's funny how I remember that ch*ldhood innocence, but I can't remember my first real kiss that was probably not so innocent. 💋 

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It was spin the bottle with a girl that disliked me. That wasnt as bad as my second one where I accidentally bloodied the dude's nose because he was tickling me on my bed when it happened, and I believe I elbowed him of course accidentally.

He ran away covering his nose. And I was freaked out following him, I kept saying how sorry I was and stupid things like "I have a band aid" 🤦‍♀️ He was just like "see you later I need to go back home" he was obviously embarrassed, and I felt so awful. 

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MY 1ST KISS was in 5th grade, it was with a best friend; we kissed behind this tree during church.. LOL! He was actually my first gay friend too (he came out to me a little after) I'm actually still friends with them ! 🙂 

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