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Members Now GLOW & Sparkle!


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3 hours ago, Kaitlind said:

Very cool 🤩 I thought I was an Elite though. I don't care which effect I have. I'm just saying 😋

And if I did it right... moderator colors should now be the full rainbow cycling through all the colors 🙂

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I noticed that right away. I especially like the rainbow 🌈 effect on the moderators. It's much more noticeable. I first noticed on Onision's name because every letter was a different rainbow color. It changed a few different times in the past hour, lol. Pretty cool stuff. 😎 🤩

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What fresh h**l is this?

I’m not happy, you’ve single-handedly incited class warfare here.

I have aspirations to be a rainbow but that will never happen. Just need those green sparkles so badly, but how?!🧚😭

Please send detailed instructions on upgrading my membership to include sparkle status. Thanks! ✨


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