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I’m really struggling with my mental health at the moment

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I know you probably wouldn’t wish that feeling on anyone else but maybe it helps knowing you aren’t alone. Bc, same. Feeling like I try to see beauty in the little things, be a mostly positive person yet it is just a never ending battle of attempts to distract myself with existential dread always lingering behind.
All I can say to try to help is to try and figure out your happy triggers just as much as the bad triggers. Even though it’s tough to find, your people are out there some where to help make this world feel pure again.. but try not to rely on others for your happiness. Oh- pets are amazing bc they like have to like you bc you feed them and stuff. 
Harder the battles the sweeter the victories, you’ll have good days to come. And if you’ve smiled even just once today imo that day way definitely worth it.

This post was made quite a while ago but I still hope you feel better soon.

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How do you deal with mental health? It's like being in an ab**ive relationship really... not sure what will set off this thing you have to coexist with, but just randomly, suddenly everything will be sad, or anxious... you're just along for the ride.

The best mental health issue to have is the one that only impacts you... that way you can endure it by yourself, and no one else has to put up with your BS. I know that's mostly what I have... just this constant feeling of being dragged along wherever my depressing to chill to depressing mood wants to take me. Haha.

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I feel you here. Have you reached out to anyone around you for help? 

If they are no help then maybe looking at yourself and writing things down. Seeing what comes out when you write and write until the subconcious peeks through. It could give you a chance and finding something g that has awoken this from a regressive state. 


If you need anyone who is unbiased to talk to, feel free to message me. I can't claim to actually be able to help but sometimes having someone listen to you for no other reason than they want to, can help you feel validated.  

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