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Best Concert You've Ever Been To?


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What is the absolute best concert ever? What is the coolest performance you've ever seen?

I volunteered to be security at Nine Inch Nails & k*d Rock... NIN was the best, k*d Rock was good too.

brendon urie fun GIF by Panic! At The Disco

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In 2018, my sister and I drove 10 hours to go to a small concert where different underground artists performed because there was one in particular we listen to and wanted to see. Even though his concert was the very last one, it was awesome. Then two months later we went to Warped Tour for the first time and saw We The Kings, Twiztid, and Motionless In White. It was really fun.

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Maroon 5 puts on a good show. Best I've seen! tho, I haven't been to many concert's. Seen that one guy that sang that one song and that other was some country guy, you know! the one that wore them cowboy boots and jeans. LMAO!  Yay for brain power and the lack of name remembering!! (Plus they weren't artists I knew just heard. I fan gurl over M5's lead singer...so yeah, ain't no forgettin that!)

The other concert's I went too, besides M5, were free. One was after the Angels baseball game, the others were tickets won off the radio. So do they even count as "real" concerts? 🤔  



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Big time bands:

Radiohead @ Bonnaroo 2006

NIN @ Riot Fest 2017

There are a lot of smaller concerts that I've been to that were amazing as well. Having a smaller intimate setting can really add to a performance and the experience. I'm talking like a couple hundred people or less.

I saw The Faint and VHS or Beta perform at a small venue here where I live called The Vogue, and that concert was so much fun. I had never heard of either band before I went, but was invited by a friend who had an extra ticket. I was not disappointed and am a huge fan of both bands now. I danced my âss off. That was the first and only time I literally felt the music vibrating inside of me. Sounds weird, but the only way I can describe it. 

Another one that comes to mind was at the Emerson Theater and the lineup was Seconhand Serenade, Hawthorne Heights, and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. That was an all acoustic show that made me cry the music was so raw and heartfelt. 

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