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What Do You LOVE About Yourself?


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What I love about myself is I stand up for what I believe in even if it means I will hit a WALL FACE FIRST.

Like you know all those hero movies, like 300 - those men stood up to IMPOSSIBLE ODDS and LOST HORRIBLY but still, they did it for their people and their morals?

That's me... I'm that guy who dies for what he believes in - and yeah, that isn't a survivor tactic, but they don't make movies about the guy who ran away from his values and let people walk on him... I mean they do, they just don't do as well in the box office, lol.


I know there's A LOT we all do not like about ourselves, but I figured, why not say som*thing nice to boost yourself? Help yourself out brother, give yourself a high five!!!


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One thing I love about myself is that I find it easy to connect with others. Even people who may look like they're made of stone. I'm not afraid. 😊 I genuinely want to know about others, or if they need help, I'm reliable. I can say some thing & it starts up a conversation about their day to even their life story. I'm a really good listener, and some times that makes a good day for the other person. I usually stop to say some thing for a good reason...I just "feel" som*thing is bothering another person. 

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I love that I'm a caring person. Maybe a little too caring at times but that can be a good quality to have. I also love that I'm a trustworthy person and I'm glad that people know they can trust me with anything.

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That I'm very empathetic and caring. I like being that way as it makes me a good friend to those I care about, especially when they are going through a hard time. 

I've also been told I'm really gentle/soft in nature and people say I'm nice to be around. It makes me avoid conflict and drama. I'm a very chilled, laid back person. 

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    • By LadyDaigona
      What do you do for “self care”? I’m very bad at self care, and I’d love to hear what y’all do. 

      I’m getting my nails done tomorrow to see if that’s self care for me. 

    • By bones
      There are so many different things that contribute to how we feel after a breakup, friendship, or any significant relationship in your life ends.
      Of course, I'm sure we have all heard of the 'Stages of Grief' but if you haven't, it goes like this:
      Denial: You essentially can’t believe it’s over, don't understand the reason given, or the simple fact that your ex doesn’t want or love you.
      Anger: Anger and resentment toward your ex. *NO ACTUAL RETALIATION 
      Bargaining: Trying to get them back, even if it's just in your head.
      Guilt: This just means you feel like utter garbage about your behavior - but this can be tied to not feeling good enough.
      I had been in a long-term relationship right before my last short-lived relationship, and we lived together and  we were heading towards marriage. Long story short, we were together 4 years, and we broke up.
      I got my own apartment, and I had never had to do that before. After 10 months of not seeing anybody, speaking with anybody in that manner, and effectively started to feel good about myself, started loving myself, and felt ready for something new.
      Since I had been alone for quite some time, I thought it was the right time to finally give somebody a shot and see where things go.
      Yesterday, or the day before there was a post on this forum about what we all think about the military. I took it upon myself to write about how the USMC may have affected my newly-ex-boyfriend (he had dumped me that morning), I wanted to take the time to write this post to the forum to formally apologize for the comment I made regarding my now ex-boyfriend. I have the most incredible regret and remorse and I feel that I have wronged all of you, because I quite possibly could have put a bad taste in your mouth involving me. I haven't been on the internet in a few years, at least not many times at all, because my last relationship before this, I didn't go on at all. I viewed my post as more of a "venting" moment, than an opinion moment. And I ended up bashing somebody in the process, which is not me, and never will be me.
      There is no excuse, I take full responsibility for my actions and I am sincerely sorry.
      I wish I could take it back, I wish I had been more thoughtful.
      I am being straight-forward with everything. I still have massive feelings for my ex, he exhibits unstable behavior, and broke/shattered my heart into pieces, but I'd never want to do any harm to him. When I wrote that post, I also was in the middle of begging for him back because I couldn't believe he would leave me the day prior to leaving for deployment, after all the money I put into care packages, money for flights, the list goes on......
      I want to make it as clear as possible that I am sorry for the post I made, and it wasn't about retaliation on a public platform, it's just the CHANGE of personality I have noticed since he has entered the military vs. when we went to high school together. 
      He is a very good person, with an amazing heart, with issues, as we all suffer from different things day-to-day.
      I recognize the fault in the post I made, and how you could construe it that way. Just like I wouldn't write such a thing on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter. Once again, I apologize.
      But it is not right for me to ever BASH anybody, whether any of you know him personally or not, because I am still struggling with my feelings within, and when I posted that, I was in the middle of begging for him back, or even a response before he left for 7 months.
      There is exponentially more to this story, but it wouldn't be right to air it all out. I just needed this off my chest. I am not better than my ex, in fact, I begged and pleaded for him until the moment he left.
      I'm so sorry guys.
      You will never see content like that out of me again. Cross my heart...
      Xox, me.
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