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Tattoos You Copied

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Have you ever copied someone else's tattoo? The most unoriginal tattoo I've gotten is of Toad from Mario... it's cute really, I think he's just chillin on my ankle.

Anyway, what have you copied? Are you still happy about it?

Here is someone asking me about my wrist Image 001.jpgtattoos:

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I have copied the Remember love tattoo. Because the moment I saw the text it was just perfect for me. I was always sad, depressed I forgot always that there where people or pets that loves me. Like my mom, my 4 sisters, brother, my dog and people i had around.

I have the tattoo for 5/6 years now im still really happy about it. When I feel bad I see the tattoo I feel alot better also it helped a lot true my days of depression.

I habe a pic you can see the tattoo a little. https://www.instagram.com/p/COcZjtohCeB/?utm_medium=copy_link 

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No tattoos here. I seriously considered getting a love/hate tattoo on my wrist and even went as far as making an appointment to get it. It was a few weeks out for the specific artist I had chosen (they were really popular). Before I got it, my bf at the time showed up with my idea on his wrist and was like "look what I got." I wasn't too happy about that and never ended up getting it. I know there's lots of people with the same type of tattoo, but it would seem like I was copying him if I got mine after him even though it was my idea, which bothered me for some reason. Here's an example of what I was considering, not exactly the same but you get the idea.


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All my tattoos thus far, my heart one being the newest one, heart one on my wrist. And be gentle with the Alice one, my ex did it and I know she has sperm eyes 😂😂

The newest one I got stands for love, faith, and beauty 🙂 


also what’s the most painful one you guys have gotten? For me anything on the wrist hurts the worst. But I’m ok with tattoo pain!





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