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Unsolved Mysteries/Weird Stories


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Anyone have any weird/mysterious/unsolved true life accounts you've learned about that you could share here? I'll start: 



During an airplane flight with his wife 50 years ago, businessman Jerrold Potter excused himself to go to the toilet. He never returned. His body was never found and no clues to how he vanished could be found. Did he accidentally pull open the plane's cabin door by accident? No one knows and no physical remains in the area below were found after searches

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The amount of giant references  that pop up in collective human culture is a little weird. Like in conspiracies and myths. Giants everywhere. Why is that a collective obsession across cultures? But on the plus side if you watch this iceberg all the way down hearing giants becomes funnier and funnier each time. I legit can’t hear the word now without wheezing. 


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Posted (edited)

Yeah, there does seem to be some theme of giants across the years, through all cultures etc. How random lol 😆


Another mystery: 

Cicada 3301


Named after an insect, Cicada posted an image of white text on a black background.

The poster asked for “highly intelligent individuals”, claiming a secret is hidden within the image – it turned out that by opening the image file in a text-editing application, a string of characters appeared. These were quickly decoded, leading to a website containing a large image of a duck, and some random text.

This was a red herring, so participants in the puzzle caught on and found the message a different way, which led down an even deeper internet rabbit hole. After these puzzles had been solved, the organisation would apparently retire until reappearing years later with more puzzles to solve.

Some claim to have reached the end of the mystery, although their credibility is shaky, since it is widely believed that those who complete the puzzles are recruited and never heard from again. 

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