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Are you obsessed with anything?

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Music. It's generally the only thing I talk about openly with other people. I'm such an introvert that the only guaranteed way to get me talking is to start talking about music; I have pretty eclectic tastes. Then you'll get to hear me ramble on about this song and that band and show you this lyric. People probably get sick of me, but I don't really care, lol.

I even do it to my parents and make them listen to new stuff I get hooked on. They could care less about my music and don't really understand why I like what I do. That's just me...making my 70 som*thing year old parents listen to the latest screamo metal band I found. 😆

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I’m obsessive with my hobbies. And ….oof. I guess I can get a bit obsessive about morbid curiosity for certain people and trying to understand how their mind works when it really doesn’t make sense to me?  Reading the saga of sonicchu is a bit of a gauntlet so that proves some obsessive tendencies 

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