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If you had 24 hours left to live...


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26 minutes ago, Ann said:

....how would you spend your last day on earth? What would you do with your remaining time? 

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If I was gonna d*e in 24 hrs I'd prolly like, spend 1000$ at dave and busters.

 dave and busters tickets GIF

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Burn all my written stuff. Tell people from far away how much they've meant to me, send out some thing of mine by mail to them. Have the rest of my hours be a party with my family & friends, probably include some strangers if they pass by. Fireworks, good food, & my kitties. 

Oh & I'd probably leave some sort of treasure map for some awesome stuff I own. 😂 but for any money I own goes straight to a charity I ❤ and with the treasure hunt after I'm gone $10 for each participant which will also go to another charity afterwards. (I won't be around but have fun).

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Get rid of all my private stuff I don't want others to see. Spend time with my parents and son. Make arrangements for my kitties to be taken care of. And probably write an impromptu will because I don't have one yet. I should probably do that in real life. And if the opportunity presented itself, have a lot of seexxy time.

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