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Favorite movies?

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I have a few 

• Freddy cougar 

• cloudy chance of meatballs

• little Nicky

• the mask 

• Avatar (the blue aliens)

• Alice in wonderland 

• coraline 

And much more lol 

Nicki Minaj Lol GIF

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21 hours ago, PoptartBarbie said:

typical but , heres my top 5 

Lord of the rings. I prefer two towers. ( rainy day comfort )

step brothers ,. ( because the catilina wine mixer, and youure 18 its time to stop being a trex  )

truman show 

synecdoche new york ( Really made me think about life )

American Phsyco


disney movies is just a different category to me and so is horror i love both those genres 


- What We Do in the Shadows



-the Shape of Water


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