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Is Homeschooling Better Than Public School?

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I don't know what unschooling is, but I was homeschooled 3rd - 6th grade. I personally did not like it. I think it's partially what contributes to my social anxiety and awkwardness. A big part of going to school is being around other k***s and learning how to interact with them. You miss a lot of that when you're homeschooled. I had less friends and less social interaction because I didn't go to a school. And then when I did go back to a regular school in the 7th grade, I felt completely lost socially. I didn't fit in. I wasn't up on what was popular or cool, and that's hard when you're a preteen. I was way too sheltered.

I'm not going to completely knock homeschooling because the way schools are becoming these days, I can see why it would be att**ctive. I'm just speaking from my own personal experience that I did not like it and feel like in a small way, it contributed to some of the issues I had as a teenager that snowballed as I became an adult.

The pros are that you can set your own pace /schedule and you can choose your own curriculum if you don't like what the schools are offering. 

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I kinda had a direct comparison since I went to public school and my cousins the same age were homeschooled. And I have a bit of a unique viewpoint since I taught middle school for one year. (biggest mistake of my life so far lol) 

I don’t think parents really understand how different teaching is from parenting. It’s a lot of unseen work hours putting together lessons and figuring out how to adjust to make it more absorbable for k***s. I couldn’t h*ck it more than one year because realistically teaching is much more than 55+ hour workweek. It’s full time and more. If a lot of people don’t make it as a profession I certainly don’t blame or wonder why parents with everything else they have to do fall behind on the curriculum. 

my aunt was very smart and very dedicated but my cousins learned to read much later than me and I wound up teaching them most things after I learned it. Eventually my aunt wound up putting them in a home school co-op. Which is basically just….school? It functioned just like school with electives and everything so I really don’t get what the point was? Maybe to give up without admitting she was giving up? Lol. 

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I grew up going to public school. My ex wife wanted to home school our k***s and then changed her mind about it. Everyone I talked to about home school bashed it. They said it causes some k***s to have social problems. Some people said that some k***s weren't able to learn at home. Some religious bigots praised home school and said that it was better to keep your k*ids home and teach them about religion because they don't teach it at school. 

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I was "homebound" towards the end of HS. If you got pregnant or sick you had a teacher come to your home. I was because of my mental state, & hospital stay. After my hospital stay they put me in a "day program" that was catching up on class. Then I was at home being taught the rest of my classes, so I could finish. 

I was sluggish(due to meds, therapy) and it took me awhile. But the teacher was patient and I appreciated her a lot...

My step sibling was homeschooled did excellent, graduated with honors. I think the only con he mentioned was not being around others his own age.

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Was in public school until HS, this was after the move from NY to jersey, so homeschooled my high school years. Proud of my college credits to. The pros and cons vary also depends on the person, how they grew up, came to be, or the situation they are in. Sadly I’ve become way too technical over the years. Prob a good &+ bad thing.

Never heard of unschooling, in my days we just called them “drop outs” ; I was social even without school. Social media has its pros and cons, way more negative and cons NOW though. 

I always forget that as open minded and as accepting or *smart* as I could be, *sounds so arrogant when I read that back* there’s a giant part of me that remembers that not everyone has that mind set like me. 

Maturity cannot be achieved without self growth and self love. Amongst others, I GUESS.

At the end of the day, and the older I get life is way more stressful than it is beautiful. That’s why I stay spiritual &+ to myself most of the time. Huge part of me that I dislike is the fact that yeah I do not care what people think per say just tired of the draining feeling of thinking there is no good in the world or people anymore. 



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On 7/29/2021 at 2:10 PM, Definitely_different said:

I recently heard of unschooling and I’m kinda considering it for my son when he gets older. 

I looked it up...


Unschooling provides a unique oppor­tunity to step away from systems and m*thods, and to develop independent ideas out of actual experiences, where the ch*ld is truly in pursuit of knowledge, not the other way around.

Hmm... yeah I donno dude. To each their own.

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