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Least favorite chore?

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Folding laundry definitely. I have no problem getting it washed and dried. I'm not going to lie, so I have to admit that a lot of the time I just leave it in the dryer and pull clothes out of it as I need it. Sometimes I'll turn the dryer back on for 10 mins to "fluff" out any wrinkles. 

It's not really a chore, but I also h**e grocery shopping. I just h**e shopping in general 😒. Other shoppers get on my nerves. My goal is always to get in and out as fast as I can.

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Washing the pots!!!! Cannot abide it. I'm a single parent with no dishwasher either. If my fingers touch a piece of wet bread I will cry like a ch*ld/vomit 💦🍞🤢

I might add that theres 3 ch*ldren and I left thier dad when my youngest was 18 months hes now 9!!!! I dread to think how many hours have been spent at that sink 👀⌚

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