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What's made you upset recently?

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What a lovely idea for a thread, t*rminated. 

I've been mostly okay.

But I'm not just saying this because it's an Onision forum : I mean it when I say I feel really peed off at the whole way O has been treated and the cancel culture BS. I despair at the way the mob mentality functions in todays world. 

On a personal level I'm okay  🙂

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If you are sensitive to death, addiction, d***s, and ab**e, it is advisable to avoid reading this post. 


A family member of mine passed away. Her name was Anita. As a 40-year-old woman, she always carried so much positive energy. She was always so happy and bubbly - not to mention intelligent, hilarious, and just an all-around great woman. She was a mother as well, raising a 13-year-old boy. The pictures and being around them were telling enough to know that they had a strong bond. He loved his mother, and she loved him.

Anita, about a year ago, needed surgery on her back.  

As she recovered from her surgery, she became a little too comfortable with the painkillers she was prescribed, marking the dawn of her addiction. The person she was beforehand in comparison to who she was after this were night and day - A happy and high-energy person became unpredictable and ill-natured - And it was like this for a while before things took a turn for the worst, when she overdosed on her med*cation, and her son found her in her chair, unconscious. She was on a ventilator in a medically-induced coma for ten days before she was officially declared d**d. And, as all of this unfolded, I had to watch a brother lose a sister, two parents lose a daughter, and worst of all, a young k*d lose his mother.

Anita's death is not only tragic because of all of the loss and grief her passing has caused, but the events that led up to her addiction. It was the events that compelled her to carry on the will to be addicted to d***s, to never even stop and think about the damage being done to herself and not to mention her family - the emotional turmoil they would all have to go through and what she'd be exposing her son to at such a young age. It was her past, and the things she went through during her ch*ldhood that she couldn't tell anyone, and the massive amount of pain and trauma that she was trying to numb - that caused this horrid ripple affect. 

As a girl who grew up in a traditionally southern household, she was "heard but never seen", rendering her completely silenced about anything she went through. And, sadly, as a small ch*ld, all it took was a few minutes of her being left in the hands of cold, calculating men for her life to go into a downward spiral of depression, codependency, ab**e, and the ki**er, drug addiction. She was forced to take her feelings into her own hands as a ch*ld, and as an adult, this is what has become of it all - a very tragic and early death.  

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The latest thing was someone kept asking me for days what was bothering me at a different time. I wasn’t making a big deal out of it but they could just tell som*thing was bugging me. I kept telling them over and over seriously don’t worry about it stop asking. It seemed they were more being nosy and just wanting to know than caring and possibly coming up with a solution even tho I was already over it. I finally gave in and they got upset at me about what I was bothered by... 🙃 Vine Ok GIF

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One of my bosses at work drives me insane. He's sort of like the vice president of our department in the company, and I'm just under him. We are literally dr*wning in the amount of our workload, weeks behind, and he sits on his bum all day and does nothing. The laziest POS I've ever worked with. Everyone else is working their tails off, including the president of our department, and this bum still doesn't really do much.

So many people from other departments ask me what he does or is supposed to be doing because he's just a blob that sits at his desk and never leaves it. He's one of those people that sits there and looks busy, but really isn't doing anything. He's only in the position he's in because he's been working for the company for 11-12 years. I took over his job when he moved up and I did that in 2 years. And get this, the president comes to me and asks me to do things because he can't trust this other guy, his counterpart and vice president, to do them, or do them right. When the president of the department is gone, he tells me to watch over the department because the guy who should be doing it can't be trusted to do it.

This bum always says he's going to do this or that, and then never does it, no follow through whatsoever. Anything he touches ends up fvcked up and I have to fix it. He doesn't follow the rules and procedures of the company and I'm sick of cleaning up the messes that he causes because he doesn't follow procedure. He's infuriating, and not just to me. Everyone in the department comes to me to complain about him. They also come to me for help with things that are his job because they know he won't do it. He will say he will , and then won't, and then I have to end up doing it anyway.

I went off on him the other day and told him that if I was in the position to be able to do so, that I would write him up. I have a hard time being respectful to him because I don't respect him, but he is my boss, or one of them anyway. I told my other boss (the president) that I have been so close to just walking out and leaving because of this person. He makes everyone's job so much harder, and mine especially because I end up doing my job and his. 

Sorry, rant over.

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Just the same rude, obnoxious person I have to deal with, saying the usual rude, obnoxious things they say. Then they wonder why I h**e them. Why are people so dumb? If you don’t want me to h**e you, stop doing the things that make me h**e you. If you get mad at me, I’m going to h**e you more because you have no right to be mad at me. I didn’t do anything wrong. You’re mad at me for hating you because you’re an a***ole? Okay.

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Yes I'll take responsibility in my personal life. I give everything I can during my days. I understand that to most people I'm the reliable one, or the one who can be counted on to show up or cheer up others. Based that on what people have told me. 

I'm only recently upset because no matter how many times I have put up boundaries, and told people that right now I'm not available, I am continuously being put down in others plans. I know. Just say you didn't agree with this, but to me...guilt trips are so hard. "I don't know what I would do without you ". 😕

I'm just so...tired. my mood is...idk... I need that time to relax and recharge myself.

I'll get over it...but I know the harder I push and just tell people  "please listen"...it just may get u**y...but whatever I have to do...💕

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2 hours ago, Definitely_different said:

People that come over to visit and leave their empty cups sitting around! It makes me so mad! At least put it in the sink or throw it away if it’s not one of my cups! Why is it so hard to pick up after their self? 

This is a pet peeve of mine at work. People leave their cups and soda bottles laying around everywhere...grrr.

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