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People who are in a relationship...

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I know it sounds boring but me & my partner are 50/50 the whole way. We just evolved to that place and we do a lot for each other and sharing boring household chores. I like that we take stuff on together. It'd be crap to be with someone who leaves you to be responsible for *everything*

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I did the shopping, all the cleaning except their laundry, they mowed the lawn, cooking was split but mostly myself bc I love doing it, bills they covered rent and I covered all the utilities and “extras” like cable internet subscriptions including going out buying clothes and what not.

i seen a video about someone saying if you go 50/50 that’s not a relationship that’s a roommate. Though a funny way to look at it, if that’s not an agreement by both parties I don’t see why one person “should” be paying everything for a whole nother adult just bc of their gender.

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We, including my k*ids, all pitch in for laundry. I mostly wash the dishes and will mop or Swiffer around the house. I clean the bathrooms. We take turns buying groceries. She pays her bills. I pay my bills. 

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On 7/27/2021 at 8:06 AM, t*rminated said:

How do you split up the shopping, cleaning, cooking, paying of bills etc.?

Hahah... you're questions are often so specific and personal...

Next question: "What is the last four on your card sir?" LMAO

Anyway... um... yeah no 50/50 on most stuff.

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Anyway you like? 

except I’m really funny and adamant about one thing. Have. Separate. Bank. Accounts. Household and then personal accounts for each. Saves so much of the most common money issues in relationships. None of that asking permission to get som*thing or not having enough for rent ect. 

live watched too many couples implode over money because both were all up in each other’s business. 

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