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For fun πŸ“ Rules if Onision Had A Cult


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Okay. Just for fun.

This is the situation: Onision has a cult and all members here are his disciples...Β 

Let's take it in turns adding a rule that we have to obey to stay part of the O-Cult.

I'll start:Β 

1. We must recite the following before breakfast each day: "In Onision we trust. In haters we h**e. Banana forever. Amen."Β 

2. ?

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Just now, Kaitlind said:

I know one rule would be to not lie 😝


20 minutes ago, Onision said:

Rule #2: Forget rule #1, just have fun & take care of yourself. Ps. This cult is not approved by me, I’m shutting it down. You are free.

Ohhh 😒 IΒ was getting excited about our hippy community in the middle of nowhere and singing morning odes to bananas πŸ˜† #Kidding.Β 

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