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Article on Bias Documentaries, mentions Onision


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I’ve watched a lot of biased docs and even for entertainment value geez was that doc bad. Edited like h**l, 1000’s of free in depth resources on all sides they could have used and they decided not to use any of it?? And it had such a crusty boomber viewpoint on the internet. What was even the point? I watched YouTube takedowns with higher production value and better writing. 

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Don't mean to brag about my country but this so called cancel culture and SJW stuff seems to be way less bad in Belgium than in the US.

I'm pretty left wing progressive but those holier than thou types give lefties a bad name. They can be brutal towards people they don't even know, demonize them for simply making a joke... to feel better about themselves they'd destroy lives. Wolves in sheep's clothing.

If even comedians get bullied by this oversensitive judgemental mob there's something wrong. Personally I'm totally free speech as long as it's not aggressive.


By the way, no offense.. but dating Shiloh wasn't exactly a great choice, she's not exactly a stable genius.

But we all make mistakes, I've dated even worse.

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