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Would You Date A Single Parent?

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I've dated women who have them in the past. I dated a woman who had a 2 year old son who left me for someone else. I've dated a stripper who had a 9 month old daughter and was pregnant with her second ch*ld *not mine*, I quit seeing her after the second date. 

 I almost dated this girl that was really hot. But she had 9 k***s. I thought about it and realized that I just really wanted to sleep with her. But I didn't want to have that many k***s in my home. So I turned her down. I mean F*UUUUU*CCCKKKK MMEEEE!!! Why'd she have that many to begin with? 

Then there was this girl that I really liked. But we were friends with benefits and she had a son with severe autism. He's 12 and he throws screaming tantrums and sh*its his pants. She told me stories about him and I didn't like idea of having him around my 2 k***s. Not if he's difficult like that. She even went on to say other than herself that her father is really the only man that could deal with him. Ultimately, I was out on that too. I can understand having a ch*ld with autism like that and being forced to deal with it. But he wasn't my k*d and I'm not a hero, a white knight, or a good samaritan. 

Then there was this girl that had a k*d of her own that I talked to for a little while. But her idea of a man was someone who is a Christian, will take her to church, have MORE k***s with her, and live a Christian life with her. She basically turned me down because I'm an Atheist (I don't believe in the existence of deities. They're fictional and imaginary to me) and because of that I don't practice a religion. She said had I been a Christian and worshipped her God, she would have definitely pursued a relationship with me. But oh well. It didn't happen. 

Then there was this girl that had 2 k***s. We spent some time together for 2 weeks. It was mostly s*e*x*ual. I left her because there was a lot of red flags. She was being investigated by DFS and they had a strong case on her. I don't want an ab**ive person around my k***s.

I already had one sh*it girlfriend who hated my k***s and was showing signs of ab**e towards them. For example, she went in their room and vomited in the floor and said it was an accident. Or how she gave my k***s som*thing and made them sick. Or how she b*itched repeated about them. I broke up with her sorry a**. Not doing that again. 

But yeah. I've dated women with k***s. 

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Yes, I have done this and it was life-changing.

Firstly, seeing someone take great care of their k***s is highly att**ctive - pure alpha vibes.

Then life switches into widescreen and there is much to be learned about responsibility and love.

Depending on how serious the relationship gets, a few things to consider might be constant streams of laundry for multiple little people and some insane cooking schedules.

Also, if you’re going to get real serious, you’re going to have to face up to the fact that, no matter what you do, step-parents generally have a bad rep. Just accept it and move on.

Still, there’s that omnipresent love thing.

I’m not really sure why I’m framing it this way because, in my experience, I had my heart ripped out and will likely never fully recover so go figure.

Sorry to be such a negative Nancy, I should probably cut that last bit out but it’s true so it stays.


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Yeah, I have no problem dating someone with k***s. As long as the k*d(s) like me and is accepting of me. I don't want to be "that person" that causes a rift between parent and ch*ld.

I can't have anymore k***s myself. Figured that out a few years ago through a dye test that showed there's som*thing blocking my fallopian tubes. Didn't have all the expensive money to figure out what or why. I was told there was a slim to none chance I could have more and that it would be a miracle if I got pregnant. They really couldn't say more without further tests, which I chose not to pursue. I was heartbroken at the time I found out, but I've accepted it now. So I would welcome more k***s in my life as the ones I wanted but didn't have the option to have.

I would also be ok with no k***s. I had to come to terms with that when I received the news that I couldn't have more. So either or I'm fine with.

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