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Are you a good cook?


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Curious: Are you good in the kitchen? If so, what's your best meal that you can cook from scratch? 

I'm getting to be an "alright" cook, after years of being a bit crap at it lol.

My best meal I cook? I guess home made vegetable tart with veg and my special potato bake. I also make a good cake. 

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No, I'm not. Whenever I try I usually mess up by accidentally burning som*thing or the food won't be that good lol. I just buy stuff to put in the oven or microwave. I was never taught how to cook properly growing up.

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I make it by...

STEP 1. Take noodles, curly ones, boil them.

STEP 2. Drain the water.

STEP 3. Mix in 1-2 cans of mushroom soup, no water added, with the noddles.

Step 4. Mix and cook the noodles with the soup together, should kind of look like how sauce would look on spaghetti at this point.

Step 5: So if you click the word: Vegetarian - it'll bring you too som*thing you should chop up into little squares.

Step 6: Season it with salt, pepper and maybe some garlic or o****n flakes.

Step 7: Mix the squares in with the noodles and BOOM, you have yourself the Onision Special.

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I have this one thing I do which can be turned into many different variations.

It’s basically loads of different veggies chopped really fine with a homemade secret recipe sauce and sometimes added chillies depending on who I’m making it for.

You can use it with risotto, lasagne, fajitas etc.

I usually spend forever on it.

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Love to cook because my mom never could, haha. I make homemade pesto with basil from my rooftop garden (I live in the city) and when I used to eat eggs, would make fresh pasta with it. Or homemade pizza, even the sauce. Since going full veg I’ve made a few cashew milks and sauces that were bomb 😋 

I really enjoy making things with fresh ingredients and oddly enough I cook meat decently- despite it being gr*ss to me, and I don’t like breakfast foods but I will make you all the works 😂 I like to find out someone’s fav food to recreate it usually. My favorite is risotto and it takes forever 💞

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