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Annoying Commercials

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19 minutes ago, Onision said:

I keep seeing the Space Jam trailer... I tried to watch it... dude, LaBron is so unlikable and a t*rrible actor - Michael Jordan did it so much better.


Yeah that movie looks dumb. The first Space Jam will always be superior.

16 minutes ago, brittniisundae said:

Car insurance...and their jingles...

Freezing Major League Baseball GIF by MLB

Lol for real

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19 minutes ago, Skoobie123 said:

It’s not annoying but it’s hilarious 😂😂


And this one! 😂😂😂 Guys I’m laughing so hard I forgot about these. If you wanna talk old YouTube here you go! Enjoy! 


LOL I've seen the bottom one before. They're both cringey but they make me laugh 😁

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any commercial really- theyre generally invasive to what im trying to watch. I'm the UK they only have ads every 30 minutes! the most annoying of all time has to be for this MTV show- where paulie D and his friend pull pranks on eachother. just so infuriating for some reason 

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