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Religion of Onision Forum Members... What Is Yours?


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3 hours ago, Danny Van Hecke said:

Most scientists think there are enough reasons to assume there was something like a big bang. Maybe they're wrong and scientists of the future will have a laugh with that theory, who knows?

Perhaps. Time will tell. 

3 hours ago, Danny Van Hecke said:

A universe that has always been there also doesn't make sense from a human perspective since we can't wrap our head around something that has always existed, common sense says everything had to have a biginning somewhere.

I don't know whether the universe was created or if it's always been in existence. Modern cosmology states that it started from a single point that contained all the mass energy of the universe. Where did that come from? We don't know yet. But I highly doubt religion & deities had anything to do with it.

Funny though, Christian Mythology states that God is eternal and was not created. However, Pagan Mythology states gods like the Greek & Norse gods were born and weren't just "there". 

I could care less about a creator. We don't know. But it's important to Theists like Christians to have those "easy" answers in a book written by men from 325 AD. 


3 hours ago, Danny Van Hecke said:

Definitely don't buy creationism in a religious, supernatural concept.. "supernatural" would just be something our current science hasn't discovered yet.

Well. If you're a Christian or a Pagan. You automatically believe in magic because deities are magical. Deities just snap their fingers and s'hit gets down. 

3 hours ago, Danny Van Hecke said:

Agnostic atheist.. the Gods we have in our religions are mostly human imagination.

 I'm glad. I just wasn't able to believe in the existence of deities, witch craft, vampires (some Christians believe in their existence.), Unicorns (Mentioned 9 times in the Bible), Prophets (Jesus), demons, angels, and miracles, and lastly the Bible. which has not provided a single shred of archaeological or historical evidence of the characters within it's pages. Most religions have a book and someone to speak for their deity.  If there were evidence, I'd be a Christian or a Pagan if there was irrefutable court evidence providing that deities exist. 


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