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Scavenger Quest

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Greetings bananas. I bring forth a game I just sorta made up (based on existing concepts) and would love to see if it goes well & is fun.

Plot: you enter the thread and check the last post, someone has brought an offering to the person before them, and has requested a specific item/thing themselves! You must locate this thing in your own home and place a photo of it here in thread! Then you may request an item for the next person to bring!

tips: don’t post personal or revealing information make sure not to request items that are against the rules for the forum and stay safe!

if you don’t have the item: that’s fine, wait until the next person requests som*thing to see if you have that! using stock images from Google to play the game is not disallowed (if you really wanna post but don’t have som*thing) but it’s more fun hunting items in real life so I recommend that instead, trust!:p

if someone requests an item you don’t have or can’t find, give them a react on their post!

if nobody can bring the requested item for 1 week (is that too long? *shrug*) anyone can continue the game by bringing some other item to them as a consolation prize and making the next request.

your first quest:


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