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A bit of appreciation

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This is mostly a message for him but also I know others feel very similar. 

I just think it’s so amazing that you’ve created this website as a place where people can just come and talk and hangout. I can’t think of any other content creator/celebrity that tries to talk to his fan base as much as you. This is my favorite community to be a part of, I come onto this website every single day. I can see how complete and utter honesty would bother people who aren’t used to being told the truth, but I envy your ability to tell it like it is and remain true to yourself. You have always gotten a lot of nonsense(for lack of a better word) thrown your way and are still you. Obviously I don’t know you personally, and that makes sense, but being a part of this community for so many years- you kind of get a good understanding of who a person is I think. I think you’re just great. You’ll always have this community in your corner cheering you on and I hope you can feel that energy on here. You are very very very appreciated. 

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Well thanks for that… I find the more I distance myself from the Wild West that is social media the better I feel.

Communities should be run by individuals, not companies… companies forget what being human is. They lose personality & soul…

So yeah, I like this place too.

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