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The worst restaurant you’ve been to

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My experience would have to be at a local restaurant that’s no longer here (shows how crappy the service was) well I ordered some pasta that came with a salad the waitress was rude and didn’t come to my table then not even 5min after ordering my food arrived 🤷‍♀️ I took a bite it was still cold 🤢 I told the server that and they take my plate bring it back they freaking microwaved my food 😒😒 I wasn’t to impressed and never came back

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Del Taco. Maybe it's the kind of food I got or just my local restaurant, but the food I ordered barely had any flavor. Only my drink tasted good. It definitely made me not want to eat there anymore.

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I don't have a specific restaurant to name, just that I dislike buffets. All buffet style restaurants in general are gr*ss imo. The food is always dried out from sitting under heat lamps for extended periods of time. You might get lucky if they put out a new "fresh" pan of som*thing. Also, just knowing how gr*ss people are, I get gr*ssed out thinking about how many people have had their paws in the pan I'm choosing food from. The majority of buffets I have been to are also just dirty in general: sticky floors, sticky tables. Yuck. 🤮

I'll add to this that I h**e the restaurant Friday's. I don't know what it is, but I always have a bad experience every time I've eaten there. I've been to one's in various places, even various states, and it always ends up being h*rrible every time. I've sworn off the place and refuse eat there, even if it's at a particular branch I've never been to before.

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