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In what ways do you show you're interested in a person?

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Oh, I am not the best at answering this because I have difficulty expressing my emotions and feelings. I am more action oriented when trying to express that I care. I'll do things for someone that I wouldn't do for anyone else. I'll be considerate and try to take care of things for the other person without them asking. I'll take care to set aside special time to spend with them. I might leave them a cute note or som*thing. 

I will flirt, but in a different way than I do when I'm just having fun. I'm not sure how to describe the difference between my types of flirtation, but there is one, lol. As cliche as it might sound, they will know I'm serious when I let them meet my parents and my son. My family is my everything, so it means a lot when I let someone into that inner circle.

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Idk I don't show anyone I like that I like them other than being extra nice lol. I feel like I'm an awkward/shy person around others so I never flirt with anyone anyway. I just keep my feelings hidden.

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1 hour ago, k*itlind said:

Idk I don't show anyone I like that I like them other than being extra nice lol. I feel like I'm an awkward/shy person around others so I never flirt with anyone anyway. I just keep my feelings hidden.

My answer is basically the same as your’s lol

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I want to hear every story, every favorite anything, their goals, switch back and forth songs. I want to know so much about this person, unlike other people I spend time with, it's just different...I start asking deeper things, with the occasional joke, even if it bombs 🙄. I want to make them happy... I'll leave hints, like songs, or leaving behind som*thing I'm wearing, like a bracelet 🤭 (yes I've done it..), I pay a lot of attention to small things, so I gift them som*thing they'd find happy nostalgia in. Now with that being said, I do overthink my feelings (some people can relate, maybe) & that's when they usually take over, because they start to realize(that's how I know its mutual as well, which is strange - yeah I get it, but it works...😬). 

Yes I'm a professional of unrequited, or failed attempts, and perhaps my m*thods need some alterations..


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I invest my time on them.

I give them my best advices.

I try to help them achieve their goals .

Loyalty, honesty just comes natural to me when I'm interested.

I make jokes , you see me sparkling, you see that indescribable happiness.

I will Doo anyyythiing for loovee.

Umm I give too much, way too much. I am a romantic brat, we should say.

But if you don't treat me correctly or you end up giving me headaches I'm dumping you for sure. Sooner or later the love would be gone, lallala why don't we stay young?

Only if I have feelings, if not I don't play games I say it straight . With friendships, duties, romances ...

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i like to do overly grand gestures like paragraphs of affirmation, expensive gifts, suggesting i take care of them (ex: "i wish i could bring you a soup/ill tuck you in ^-^ goodnight") and i constantly ask questions about them. i wanna know everything about this perfect person! i just do everything to make em feel loved even if they don't realize it's in a romantic way lol. however im in a committed relationship now and still do the same things, so im sure he knows it's because im so madly in love haha!

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Oh man, I have never been good at flirting so starting as friends is always better. When I first start getting the feels, I get a bit scared because I want to make sure the other person feels the same before I even try to take it to that level. Fear of rejection is real! 

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