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Dumbest Things You've Been Flagged For (TikTok/YouTube etc)


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So I had a video on TikTok that got over 2 million views, it was perfectly fine... the same video was uploaded later and was flagged for "bullying/h***ssment" despite the fact no one but me was mentioned in the video and I was talking solely to myself... I told myself as another character I was lazy and some person who thinks lying is a good moral trait decided: YEAH LET'S BE EVIL!


Anyway, what have you been flagged for?

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Im getting flagged on a Chat Plattform everytime i try to use my Avatar with a Mask on. They have a "Show Face or nothing" policy and even a half mask is to much "alternation" for them. Result is a 24H Upload block and the removal of the Image :'D im still doing it every few days just to p them off haha 

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I don't know if this can be considered getting flagged, but I kept changing my bio on TikTok because I couldn't decide what I wanted it to be and I guess I was changing it too much because I got a notification saying I couldn't change it until the next day. It's just dumb that they restricted me from editing it all because I kept changing it.

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Telling a white dude holding a fish in his profile pic he was a weenie for being afraid of Mexicans and black people. 

him: comments big disgusting thing about he’s afraid of great replacement ect

me: sounds like you’re a weenie

instagram: heeeeey fish man reported your comment and we noticed you were bullying so we are gonna have to suspend you for 24 hours 

also Instagram: we are sorry we didn’t find the great replacement m**der blacks speech to be against our community guidelines so we are closing your report ticket. 

Seems the worst sin you can commit online is make an old white dude slightly uncomfortable. 

weenie is like 4th grade level insult. It’s in spongebob. Sorry but if you cannot  handle that you really are a wuss. 

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